• US To Send Flying Robot Armies to Kill Illegal Mexicans!

    April 28, 2010 11:35 am 7 comments
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  • President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security has created a legion of powerful flying robots to protect us from illegal Mexicans.

    Mexicans do things like cause high crime rates, destroy health insurance and breed swine flu, so it’s no wonder that they are a threat to America.

    Last week their drug cartels shot up a Tex-Mex town and before that they blew up the Alamo! These flu laden dirties have fled to our country in the millions and refuse to leave! They plague our lands with false tongues when the true language is American!

    So thank God that we now have flying predator robots to shoot them with God ordained projectiles should they stick their feet within our borders.

    Our friend Matt Drudge reports:

    Tue Apr 27 2010 19:39:41 ET

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate hearing Tuesday that unmanned aerial drones will soon fly through Texas skies!

    “Big Sis” declared that over the past 15 months, federal law enforcement initiatives have made the border more secure than in any other time in history, the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reports in Wednesday editions.

    The new “predator bees” have the capability to fly at altitudes used by commercial aircraft, and are designed to enhance intelligence capabilities of federal, state and local law enforcement.

    But a recent analysis of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles found that they were twice as likely to crash as manned aircraft, according to the Congressional Research Service.


    Now Mexicons will get a true taste of American’s power. They shall now know that America will not tolerate them swimming across our rivers and tip-toes down our Pacific Coast Highway and 435 freeway at night! I hate bright lights when I’m on vacation and the look out for run-away Mexican signs that I pay taxes for! Silliness!

    Get out of our country! This is American and not Mexico! Stay out! Or guess what, we can now shoot you with remote controls. I can only hope they ask for volunteers, because I will gladly patrol one of these flying robots as captain and shoot all the sneakers I can!

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