• Utah Earthquake at Magnitude 4.9

    April 16, 2010 3:20 am 3 comments
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    Quoc T.

    The Utah Mormons finally got punished for all the sins they committed last fiscal season — from Bringham Young (BYU) cheating at sports to the standard spreading false religions — as God cast a 4.9 earthquake upon their false doctrine state. Hooray!

    The earth shook as Utah was judged for their sins. This is the worst earthquake experienced by Utah in over 18 years.

    When I first came to America, I was given the brought warning about the sin lands of Utah. I was told that there the people cannot pump their own gasoline and that they believe a man with bunny hats can have the power of Jesus.

    My heart is sad for this land and not even I would frop on my prayer warrior knees to demand eternal punishment for their sins. Let us pray that these heathens take this warning and turn from their wicked ways.

    They thought it was all fun and games when they made a make-believe story their religion. How fun it was to deceive everyone into thinking a man named Johnny Smith had special tablets with their laws written on them, oh so fun to mock the true story from Moses!

    Now they see what true judgment is, how it is not good to try to copy something that’s true into your own for false pretense gains.

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