• Vote For Topeka To Have Super-fast Google Fiberoptic Internet

    April 10, 2010 12:51 am 4 comments
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  • Topeka, Kansas is a fine city in the heart of America. It is a unique blend of Americana and modern, high-tech culture. It is no wonder the citizens of this great city want to be the new home of Google’s cutting edge fiberoptics division.

    Google’s new internet service will revolutionize computer communication. It will allow information packets to be sent faster than a bolt of lightening cast from heaven! You can send your friends 5 emails or perhaps even, several pictures at the speed of light instead of waiting several minutes. No tied up phone lines!

    This technology is great and blessed, so Topeka is very deserving of it. We pray that they get it especially as Pastor Fred Phelps also lives in Topeka, and with the faster internet service he can get his word at to the masses millions of times faster. Just imagine how many lives can be saved. Glory.

    We have campaigned and asked MSNBC for all to have a poll to vote in, so go here and vote for Topeka in this poll. We have already sent this to our Internet Watch network and greatly increased the numbers for our friends in Topeka so they may spread the word so fast on the internet. We’re on our way!

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