• WANTED: Saddam’s Daughter Faces Terror Charges

    April 20, 2010 5:58 pm 2 comments
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  • There is a new person on the Most Wanted Terrorist list, and it happens to be the daughter of disposed and convicted Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

    Raghead Hussein, the daughter of Saddam, is wanted on counts of supporting the Iraqi insurgency. She stands accused of defying the will of America and trying to support the regime of her father, Saddam Hussein; both very grievous offenses.

    Raghead currently lives in Amman, Jordan, under the protection of King Abdullah II. The sultan of Amman states that under international law, he reserves the right to aide and abet Raghead, and that the 2006 charges brought against her (Hussein) do not explicitly prohibit the Jordan consulate from offering protection to Saddam’s daughter.

    Due to this, the international community has modified the charges against Raghead Hussein

    Raghad Hussein, who lives in Amman, Jordan, under the protection of King Abdullah II, was charged in November 2006 with supporting the Iraqi insurgency. But in the murky world of Middle East politics, neither the warrant nor the charges against her created much of a stir. She was, after all, Saddam Hussein’s daughter. And in the chaos that followed the coalition invasion of Iraq, no one quite believed that the justice system worked there.

    But now things have changed, according to sources and media reports from Iraq. Under new Iraqi law — which stands remarkably different in process than Western law — there is evidence of communications between those who are supposed to be private citizens (e.g., Raghead, who is allowed in Jordan under such conditions) and terror leaders.

    There is substantial evidence that shows Raghead Hussein was in direct communication with terror leaders, no more than a year ago. This violates Iraqi law and international law, meaning demands and new charges for Raghead’s extradition can and will be placed with the Jordanian consulate.

    Reports show that in 2003, Raghead fled Iraq at the beginning of the insurgency. She fled to Jordan with her three boys and two daughters, and officials estimate that when fleeing Hussein carried more than $1 billion dollars with her. Hussein also had various plans to secret weapon caches and information about the placement of various key terrorists on her person.

    Upon seeking asylum in Jordan, Raghead fell under the protection of King Abdullah. In return for her silence and promise she is not involved in communications with terrorists, Abdullah granted Hussein a large presidential home and 24-hour protection by his royal guard, safety for her children, access to her complete wealth and the promise to ‘live her life as normally as possible’.

    Jordan maintains Raghead has not violated international protocol, so they will continue to offer her protection and refuse any demands of extradition. With the new evidence against Raghead, however, Jordan now faces tremendous pressure to comply with the United Nations.

    Even more damning, Raghead’s late husband, Hussein Kamel a-Majid, defected from Iraq and shared secrets about Iraqi weapons and weapon caches with the US led allied-coalition. Kamel a-Majid also shared this information with the United Nations weapons inspection team.

    Shortly after a-Majid’s actions were leaked and became public knowledge, reports show he was convinced to return from UN protection back to Iraq. Many officials are convinced that Raghead and Saddam’s intermediaries persuaded a-Majid to return home to Iraq.

    Three days after returning home, a-Majid was found murdered.

    Raghead Hussein remains on the Most Wanted Terrorist list and Jordan will face increasing pressure to turn her over for interrogation and court proceedings.

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