• Watch Family Guy April In Quahog Season 8 Episode 16

    April 22, 2010 2:07 pm 37 comments
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  • Family Guy is a sick children’s show about a homosexual baby and his abusive family. The show consistently features themes about drug use, sex, prostitution and even abuse.

    So it comes as no surprise that Family Guy’s Season 8 Episode 16 airing, April in Quahog, featured cussing, child abuse, sex, homosexual child snatchers, racism, offensive anti-Christian themes and child neglect.

    The episode started off by teaching children it is okay to make fun of handicap people. The writer, Seth McFarlane, made fun of Stephen Hawking and an Asian lady, showing both prejudice and racism, respectively.

    After this scene, it was more of the same. They made fun of blacks, Mexicans, adding in gay jokes and using Christ’s name and image in vain. Then, the plot turned and there was a doomsday scenario announced on Quahog’s local news. Apparently, a giant black hole was going to cause the end of earth.

    From that point, things got ugly. A gay homosexual naturally made sexual advances on the family’s oldest son, a child. Then the Dad, Peter, brought crack cocaine home and did drugs in front of the entire family. They also abused their pet dog by letting him smoke some of the drugs too.

    I really was disgusted and offended by this episode. It is scary to know that Family Guy is aimed for elementary school children, yet they have all of these things that even the most rancid of old sailors would detest.

    Please make sure your children stay away from this show. If they live under your roof, no matter the age, do not allow them to view this and become a fan of the show.

    At the end, the father Peter tells his children that he hates them and he never said anything before because the world wasn’t ending. It turns out Armageddon was a ‘prank’ by the news, and so Peter’s kids were rightfully upset. He bought their “love” back with an Xbox 360. This just teaches young minority welfare dads that all they have to do is have their drugs, no work, steal an Xbox and the family will love you.

    Warning: The following video contains dangerous child’s cartoon. Please have women/children immediately exit the room before review. Thanks.

    Family Guy: Season 8 Episode 16, April in Quahog
    Rated S Sinister for…
    (cussing, animal abuse, child abuse, childsnatching, homosexual gay agenda, prostitution, racism, assorted plot debauchery, drug paraphernalia, cocaine drug use, false love, disrespects Jesus)

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