• We Prank A Women To Think Rapture Occurred

    April 5, 2010 12:05 am 6 comments
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    Women is truly God’s gift unto mankind. They are good at cooking and cleaning, they can make you laugh when you’re blue and then when you find the right one, they marry you and carry your seed and give you children.

    My favorite aspect of women though is how cute they are. They are very gullible and it’s not just the sacrilege atheists ones. Even the Christian ones are still fickle and that’s why a man must remain fervent in guiding his wife and children in the way they should go.

    That said, this following video is hilarious. People often ask if we have good Christian comedians and our friend Rick Praytor is among the best. In this following video team-up, we take to tricking a women who has become a bit too intertwined in Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind book series about the rapture.

    The movies and books are fine, but it is important to realize it’s all just drama and sort of puts to screen the facts which you will find mainly in Revelations. This girl gets tricked by into thinking that the rapture has occurred and my sides hurt everytime I watch this and chuckle. Women are so easily disheveled and praise God for humor, because this is just too much. Poor womaen.

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