• Why Does Google Say Topeka?

    April 1, 2010 6:39 am 4 comments
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  • Today’s edition of Ask Amber will be very brief, but answer a question that many people are sending to my mailbox. The basics?

    Amber, why does Google say Topeka?

    The backstory to this one actually dates back several months, to when Google announced that it would build an experimental high-tech, high-speed fiber optic network in a smaller to mid-sized American city.

    In efforts to bring Google to its city, to both bring its residents this burgeoning internet infrastructure in addition to adding Google jobs to its economy, the city of Topeka, Kansas, rallied to garner the attention of the internet search giant.

    A group of business-minded people started an initiative called “Think Big Topeka” where they use grassroots techniques to rally support in the community, all while also cleverly building a marketing business.

    The city council also considered renaming Topeka, Kansas to Google, Kansas, a move the state legislature ruled to be illegal but still allowed a motion to be filed to change the name of the city.

    Informally, the city of Topeka is calling itself Google, Kansas and has even changed structures in the city to show their interest in becoming a new midwestern headquarters for Google.

    In turn, Google today announced that it is renaming itself “Topeka” after the name of the capital city of Kansas. While Google makes it abundantly clear that its renaming itself to “Topeka” today is only a part of its annual April Fool’s Day Joke and has no bearing on the bids placed by many cities to become the new “Google” headquarters, the residents of Topeka still must have some sort of optimism by this move from Google.

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