• Wife Selling, A New Trend to Overcome Financial Crisis?

    April 1, 2010 8:58 am 11 comments
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  • The American economy is in peril. Nationwide, families struggle to balance a mortgage, medical bills and day-to-day needs. Unemployment soars at an all time high and the pressures of it all is destroying the American nuclear family.

    The financial crisis is putting the father and mother of households at odds, which sadly leads to divorce.

    Typically in a divorce, children will go live with their mother while men are typically stuck paying alimony and child support. Men usually lose their homes and cars to the woman.

    New reports indicate, however, the tables are turning and perhaps not in a good way. The trend of secret wife selling is reportedly making a comeback and it has officials alarmed.

    Wife selling first started in late 17th century England. Women naturally get out of order and out of their place (which is why feminism is destroying society) and sadly, some of most stubborn and stiffnecked of these women become wives to good men.

    Naturally, men could not have a household put at risk of ruin due to an unruly wife, so during the 17th century English men took to simply selling their wife as a last resort. In addition to clearing up any confusion in the home, the man of the home was able to provide his children with additional income from whatever the wife sold for.

    Now this act is generally frowned upon, due to the Geneva Convention declaring that even women have a right to not be sold by anyone, including husbands. This makes wife selling illegal by the US ordained international edict.

    It is so sad to know that as we speak, a man in America has been forced to force his sassy-mouthed and loose-lipped wife into a gunny sack to be sold to seedy people. It is all due to this failing Obama economy.

    Fathers know they inevitably face divorce in some situations, but know the expenses of the divorce will leave their children with nothing. So these fathers, I think, are choosing to just sell the wife to get rid of the risk of divorce and keeping their jobs, homes and little ones. Add to that the value of the wife they sell and they have made a smart financial decision.

    Though their acts cannot be condoned by the precedent we set forth for Human Rights, it can be understood why wife selling is making a dramatic comeback. Even in China, sources indicate that a 27% increase in wife selling has taken place, due to faltering confidence in the American dollar and the heavy investments China has put into it.

    The Chinese middle class fears America’s economic woes, and divorce trends, will soon become their own.

    If you are a father and leader of a family, who is on the verge of divorce and thinking about selling your wife, please do not. There is a chance you could be caught and convicted as a felon, and there is a definite chance that you will be caught by God.

    God does not approve of a woman who does not respect her husband’s authority, but rest assured that a man who would sell his wife without divine sanction is also at risk of searing with Satan. It is better to be vigilant about keeping a wife in her place and remaining the stern, resolute leader of your family.

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