• Wikileaks Collateral Murder Video Causing Controversy, On YouTube

    April 6, 2010 9:00 am 6 comments
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    There is a new video, formerly classified, entitled Classified Murder. It shows American soldiers, in a helicopter, firing shots at Iraqi terrorists.

    They ask permission to shoot all terrorists and purportedly the day of this video was shot, they were at maximum alert and under heavy fire.

    Now liberals are trying to twist this video to make it look like our military is just hovering around Iraq, picking off innocent civilians. Today Barack Obama has even betrayed America and took away our country’s God-given right to nuke any nation we see fit. The Constitution gives America the right to bear arms and Obama is not above the Constitution, so hopefully the military will keep the nukes aimed right at all the heathens and push the buttons as we need.

    Obama will be out in 2012 because he keeps betraying the safety of our nation. These troops were doing their jobs and I fail to see why this following video of us bringing freedom to Iraq is being frowned upon.

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