• YouTube Upgrade Tries to Ban Christians

    April 16, 2010 5:35 am 9 comments
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    YouTube upgrade tries to ban Christians! YouTube upgrade tries to ban Christians!

    Alert! Alert! Alert!

    As I woke up for a nightime snack I figured I’d check into YouTube to see if there were any new videos to warn everyone about tonight. Instead what I find is that some liberals have joined up the programming team and YouTube and have somehow found the accounts of all Christians! Alert! Alert!

    I get this message when trying to view a video.

    New Adobe Flash Player must be installed.They then linked me to a site and guess what! It is broken! Boo YouTube!

    When I tried to finish the site where they claimed “you can upgrade the Adobe” it lead to a INTERNET VIRUS PAGE.

    They were trying to break my computer so I could stop requesting they remove nonholy videos meant to corrupt our childrens! They are actively trying to remove Christians from YouTube with this secret computer virus scheme!

    There are people now planted at YouTube who are trying to remove the army of the righteous from the internet www site. They want it to be a veiled heathen playland so they can spread their sick agendas!: gays corrupting children, abortions, liberal obama support, Black thugged music, devil music, whores, drugs. The list goes on and on. Anger!

    Research Methods

    After I ate some leftover apple pie tonight I collected my thoughts here at 3:43am, to make sure my hypothesis was correct I employed the scientific method.

    Question: Is YouTube making a way to secretly remove Christians from banning videos?

    Research Methods: To research this question, I applied the diverse field test method. I clicked upon YouTube from several of my home computers and then clicked the videos to see if they would play. I saw that even on new videos, vile comments appeared but none moral.

    These observations and research show that no Christians were able to comment, while atheists and liberals were. Then I tried to play a video and an error appeared! It linked to the Adobe site and it gave my computer error message.

    I then researched the word “Adobe” and I find that this word is of Mexico, meaning it’s all a sham since Mexican has nothing to do with civilized computer technology. A trick.

    Hypothesis: YouTube has enacted complex coding to ensure Christians are all removed.

    Null Hypothesis: YouTube has not made a way to ban Christians from the site.

    Procedure: I turned on my Dell laptap and immediately entered www.youtube.com. I used internet explorer. I clicked watch video on several videos a total of 489 times. None worked.

    I then walked a few paces to my computer office room and used a Gateway 2000 with Vista. I again clicked 489 videos. None of the videos would play and the website I was to use put evil things onto my computer and did not work.

    I then stood up and walked downstairs to the basement, where I used a Dell desktop computer. On this computer I again visited www.youtube.com and clicked upon 489 videos. These videos did not work and the Adobe site proved its Mexican nature by trying to sneak dirt onto my computer and not working. Typical Mexi.

    I then called a friend of mine who is an atheist and was informed I awoke him from sleep. I apologized and then asked him to please click upon YouTube.com; he used his Apple computer laptop.

    He reported that the YouTube videos worked fine for him, but he only tested 4 videos and they all worked.

    Results and Discussion:

    Abraham Goodman’s Computer Testing:
    – Computer 1 (Dell Notebook): 489 videos clicked, 0 work.

    – Computer 2 (Gateway Desktop): 489 videos clicked, 0 work.

    – Computer 3 (Dell Desktop): 489 videos clicked, 0 work.

    Friend B:
    Dell Desktop: 4 videos clicked, 4 worked.

    After performing several complex statistical analyses to these data, with a 97% confidence level there is a significant difference with the number of times a Christian computer can now access YouTube videos (0%) compared to a rotten atheist’s computer (100% access).

    Therefore, with a 97% significant level of confidence, I must reject the null hypothesis. I must accept the original hypothesis.

    YouTube has an active campaign to keep Christian off the site. They have no right!

    YouTube, turn from your wicked ways. There is much great the site can do but it only lacks the light to show it the way. That is where I and others come in, to tell people what to think about the videos that play on there, ban those that we do not find appropriate for everyone else to watch and then upload vidoes they need to see.

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