• 2012 London Olympis Has a Gay Mascot

    May 20, 2010 3:41 am 25 comments
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    What on Earth is this? I have no idea, but this is why we are going to protest the 2012 London Olympics.

    As you can see, the British people have elected to choose a gay pride symbol as their Olympic mascot.

    It has all the gay hallmarks and I am so disappointed:

    1. Rainbow – Gay people like rainbows, because they think the rainbow reminds children of nice things like bunnies and sunshine.

    When children fall for these tricks and get into the gay man’s black Ford van with no windows, it’s all dark clouds and not happiness. For everyone one gay, for little ones are deplored and it is evil! Wrong, gayos!

    Next, two.

    2. Two teletubbies holding hands.
    In the image, you will see two teletubbies holding hands. The gays must have though that after so many years, we forgot about their little show called “Teletubbies” they tried to sneak on right after Sesame Street and before Mr. Rogers.

    Teletubbies was one of their first attempts to sneak their agenda onto PBS and they used rainbow creatures on it. They tried to teach children gay games like hide the tweeder donk and clap clap pattycakes.

    These were all sick and that’s why the show was cancelled when we proved the Teletubbies had gay pride symbols and taught kids naughty things.

    3. Notice how the one on your right has its secret zone painted sky blue. There is a reason they are trying to draw everyone’s eyes to that part and clearly both sides of the mascot are men.

    4. Drug induced eyes. Gays love to do drugs. They snort it off of each other’s nethers and then use the effects of the drugs to not feel so bad about all the sick things they do and all the foul smell their acts create.

    The results in gay eyes and they even made a show using the name, Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy.

    Even though that show was about trying to turn normal men into gays, the name of it actually comes from their gay drug acts and how it makes their eyes look really big, like a women who got some mascara or something caught in there (Queer Eye Syndrome).

    5. If you look carefully at the ground, they have created a series of circles and the numbers 2012 and two letters. If you look carefully at the purple circle, you can see, you guessed it, a gay symbol! More tricks just like they used with teletubbies, so we can already guess that the typical gay fashion designers who were behind the teletubby costumes were hired to create this Olympic abomination mascot.

    So there you have it, and everyone is talking about these abominations, even the liberal media.

    I cannot wait for 2012, so we can see the empty stands of the Olympics and watch as God throws his protests by causing catostrophic weather and hardship in London for trying to make the Olympics the next big gay recruitment event.

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