• 87-Year-Old Grandma Busted for Selling Crack Cocaine

    May 15, 2010 4:43 pm 29 comments
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    An 87-year-old grandmother was busted for selling crack cocaine. Let us see what type of old lady sells drugs.

    Well, well, well. Colored me surprised. It is a black grandmother.

    The black Grandma tried to sell this common urban drug to some under cover cops. We see not even age and grace can take the bad habits and urban environment out of some people! When I saw the photo mugshot of this grandmother, why was I not shocked by what I saw.

    How sad that instead of playing bridge with her neighbors or baking some nice apple pies with her church sewing circle group, this black grandmother instead elects to go out and corrupt our children with her baked drugs?

    God is wagging his head in shame and asking why the black community has this drug problem and I think I have to take some of the blame myself, maybe you do too my friends.

    If we had seen that perhaps she was arrested in her younger days and in jail, maybe in jail she would have founded our Lord and Savior and felt convicted about drug sins. She would have been educated and found a nice job as a receptionist or kindly house maid. I don’t know, but I will be praying for this grandma because you hate to see this type of thing for am old people, even if they are being corrupt.

    Let us pray that one day the black community can get rid of its rampant drug problem and we don’t have to see black grandmothers being cooped up behind bars for their genetic crimes in our country. Amen.

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