• Arrogant Michelle Obama On the Prowl Again

    May 20, 2010 3:50 am 19 comments
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  • Last year the Obama’s made over 5 million dollars, while the good, common people of America suffered under the tremendous taxes, war-torn economy, jobless infrastructure and chaos Obama’s wreckless war spending and disdain for the every day man has left us.

    Obama is an elite aristocrat with high end tastes. We all remember how last year, Michelle Obama made fun of homeless people by wearing a $500 pair of tennis shoes. She threw those shoes away right after the event, because they were tainted by “common Americans”. She hates when anyone below her “class”, or caste as they call it back in Obama’s native country, comes near her or her family. Obama is the same way.

    They only descend from their lofty lifestyles to get votes and try to pretend like they are everyday people.

    Every day, the Obama girls wear outfits that cost more than what most Americans make in a week. How sick is that?

    Their meals cost more than the combined wages of a two person household.

    The dress she has on in the picture above, the dress she wore today when Obama invited the leaders of Mexicans into the White House and they kicked out an American business to appease the Mexican dictator, she wore that dress which allegedly cost us, the American people, 20,000 dollars.

    It is time to put a down-home family back in the White House. Someone from humble roots and who can relate to the every man. Someone who will sit down at the end of the day and share a brew and steak with the local 346, and watch whatever game is playing on the bar’s tv.

    We need a real family like the Bush’s or Reagans, not these elite foreign liberal devils. Remember the devil wears prada, and Michelle Obama loves to dress herself in their expensive clothing while making fun of the rest of us everyday hard workers who hardly make over six figures.

    Go home, Obamas. America is made for the people. By the people. We oppose elites, that is what we were founded upon. America is a nation for the common man.

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