• Atheists Team with Gays To Attack Catholocism, Promote Gay Agenda

    May 18, 2010 12:26 pm 26 comments
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  • It was only a matter of time before the dire atheists joined forces with the gays. It is really hard to tell which one of these hellbound MONGREL belief systems will burn hotter in hell!

    I am sick and tired of atheists. They disrespect our nation’s Christian laws and try to twist the facts of reality. I hate gays for raping our children and trying to defile marriage with their fecal sins!

    I pray every day that God will make a clear sign and start wiping them out with all new diseases! I pray he afflicts the life of each and every atheist with suffering before they journey to hell to fry and burn for all time!

    Gays love to try to make it look like they aren’t responsible for attacking kids, when the stats show that for every one gay, four children will be molastered. Add to that the gay diseases they spread and we are better off with 20 foot rabid rats running which way loose on every corner!

    They are just as sick and it takes a sick mind to make fun of our Pope. The Pope has been chosen by God to lead the Catholic faith and to serve as an emissary upon Earth. Yet we see just like when there were more zombie Jesus jokes from atheist, these heathen mongrels have no respect for America and our God!

    Let us pray for their damnation and suffering should they not repent! Gay people have this idea that if a man rogers another man, or kid, that he can still be a Christian if no repentance. No! Anyone who does such things was already a veiled gay and had no true conviction!

    This is all typical of how the gays and atheists have no real touch with reality. They try to twist things to fit their warped beliefs and mental deficiencies. Warning: The following shirt is very offensive. Please pray for atheists/gays to burn hotter in hell and then have women/children leave the room before reviewing this secular item.

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