• Barack Obama Giving Islam Muslims a Free Pass

    May 5, 2010 3:50 pm 9 comments
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  • B. HUSSEIN Obama is a Muslim and he is giving his brethren a free pass. An Islam Muslim sleeper agent just tried to blow up New York City.

    Instead of declaring war on Iran for this action, we see Obama just ignores it and plays business as usual. It is no wonder that our friend and leader Pastor Franklin Graham condemns Obama for his wicked ways against America.

    Since taking office, Obama has

    1) Refused to declare nuclear war on Iran, despite their threats against Israel.

    2) Given Palestinian terrorists over $1 billion dollars, so they can make war against the Children of God. This removes America further from its roll of protector of God’s children during the End of Days.

    3) Conspired with Russia to give nuclear secrets to Iran.

    4) Bowed before the Sheik Terror King of Muslims.

    5) Vowed to his Muslim sheik that America would never declare war on an Allah nation.

    6) Restricted the rights and free speech of Christians with new shadow government organizations.

    7) Has revealed ties to other sleeper agents of Al-Qaeda

    8) Has taken pride in his middle name, Hussein.

    9) Respected a Quran and has read it to his family, in Arabic.

    10) Allowed the New York City terror bomber to get upon a plane.

    11) Allowed the Detroit Michigan shoe bomber to get aboard a plane, while he ‘vacationed’ in Hawaii.

    12) Has destroyed America’s economy and military, so to make it week to foreign attack.

    13. Removed America from its Godly Heritage, as defined in the spirit of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and bona-fide standing the American forefathers sought for their nation to have with the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The wrongs of Obama are endless and his actions impure. Let us impeach the Arab or worst case, vote him out of office in 2012. He should be put upon tribunal for betraying America to the Muslims.

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