• Barack Obama is Responsible For BP Oil Spill

    May 20, 2010 11:01 am 9 comments
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  • Tensions between the Obama administration and the world’s leading scientists continue to escalate, as now the most renown oceanographers accuse Obama of failing to conduct an adequate survey and analysis of the initial spill, and even worse, allowing BP to block the public and media from surveying the damage.

    Sources indicate the Coast Guard has been ordered to assist BP in allowing any footage of the damage from being taken, and it is no wonder Barack Hussein Obama does not want the public to see the true damage.

    Fortunately, NASA — the prolific space administration of America, the very one Obama is working to dismantle — has satellites over the spill and has given us the following image. Obama is responsible for this spill and damage, and that is why he has worked so hard to keep us from seeing this:

    The scientific community, along with millions of Americans, are rightfully furious. It is no secret that poor oversight on Obama’s part lead to this spill, but now even worse, Obama is trying to obscure the true damage. He is trying to shield the scope of the situation from the eyes of the American public.

    Scientists assert that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among other agencies headed by Obama’s power, have been slow to access and investigate the damage. They have refused to let private scientific teams and institutes survey the damage.

    Among the greatest concerns are large quantities of oil droplets that are reaching beneath the ocean’s surface, deep into the flora and fauna of the ocean. Marine life is being destroyed and it can greatly affect the oceanic environment in proxy to the spill, a spill that measures the size of Delaware.

    In response to public outrage, the Obama administration approved a university ship to access the damage, and the scientists aboard the ship did report large plumes of oil droplets reaching deep into the ocean. The NOAA quickly blocked any other reports and condemned the independent report, showing that the Obama administration and BP are scurrying to hide the true damage.

    It has now been one month since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded. And in that month, the United States Federal Government has failed to give any accountability to the American public. They have not released any results or findings to the public, electing to instead catering to BP and Obama, the two at fault.

    According to MSNBC, “And the scientists say the administration has been too reluctant to demand an accurate analysis of how many gallons of oil are flowing into the sea from the gushing oil well.”

    “It seems baffling that we don’t know how much oil is being spilled,” Sylvia Earle, a famed oceanographer, said Wednesday on Capitol Hill. “It seems baffling that we don’t know where the oil is in the water column.”

    Lisa P. Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, told Congress on Wednesday that she was pressing for the release of additional test results, including some samples taken by boats under contract to BP.’

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