• By Faith You Can Move Mountains (How I Can Lift a Fridge)

    May 29, 2010 2:42 am 46 comments
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    This has been quite a remarkable year in my life. My son, despite his liberal views, made me very proud by being accepted into Harvard. He has done very well in his freshman year and is touring Europe for this summer.

    Only weeks ago, you may remember I received accolades myself when the State of Georgia ordered me to become a juror and help judge the guilty. The case took over two weeks, my friends, but I’ll tell you what: it was well worth it and justice was served in the end.

    At this time last year, as some of you may know, I was put in the hospital after suffering severe chest pain, not relieved by my nitro. I was diagnosed with NSTEMI (non-ST segment MI), meaning that one of my coronary arteries is partially blocked and that due to my cardiac enzyme levels being improper, I likely have some damage to my heart muscle.

    After hearing this news, I admit my heart was burdened and my mind went to a very dim place. I did not want to die, not yet, and not see my son grow into having his own family. My wife, who is having an amazing year herself, and I want to see our eventual grandkids and show them the love they deserve. To do this, however, I know I must be strong in faith and health.

    I have prayed and long asked for your prayers as well, for my health and specifically my heart. Day and night, I’ve gone to God and asked him to give me the strength to live another 70 years! This August, I will turn 51-years-old.

    This summer I’ve had the honor and pleasure of being a volunteer at our local Vacation Bible School. This year we’ve focused on how through faith, anything is possible. We are teaching the youth that we can do all thing through Christ, the source of our strength. (Phil 4: 13).

    Laughter is truly the best medicine, and it is with working with children and indoctrinating them with the message of Christ I have found joy and a healing peace in my heart. Here is a video short in which I demonstrate to them how by faith, we can do anything! Even an old man, with perhaps a bad heart, can lift a fridge over any obstacle!

    God bless and thank you for your continued prayers.

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