• Cat Caught Doing Devil Ritual, More Proof Why Cats Is Evil

    May 11, 2010 6:04 pm 42 comments
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    My friends I hate cats. We all know the story: spread rabies, are involved in witch ceremonies and they even were worshipped as gods by Egyptian Africans.

    Cats have a history of being corrupt and it is a sad shame that they are not extinct. If I had the power, I would create a super-virus to wipe them all out and make God proud!

    Sure, critics out there will say if cats are so evil, then why did God created them? Well how about this?

    If Satan is so evil, then why did God created him? Think about it.

    The point is that things can turn evil and that is what has happened to cats over time. Cats are now tied directly to hell and we would be better off just having them all killed like we would do any other sin soaked vermin.

    Here is a picture that I found to be typical of cats and cat owners. Here we see the owners have dressed this cat up to do a devil ceremony, maybe trying to summon the dead like that one cat in the nursing homes, or maybe to give rise to a new domon spirit on Earth.

    Who knows, but we have the picture evidence.

    Dogs are a good, Godly creature and each day we share heartwarming stories of how dogs save their owners, unlike cats, which are users and are walking microcosm of the blacks in welfare system.

    Cats need to go ahead and be extincted, so that we may have a better tomorrow for our childrens. Amen.

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