• Christianity from a Realistic Viewpoint

    May 30, 2010 2:06 am 17 comments
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    Please have an open mind when viewing my post.

    Christianity had a long history (though not the longest, by any means). It irks me when people say that the Christians were the only ones who were chosen by God.

    I have some things to say.

    First of all, Jesus was generally “rising in power”, should I say. It was a few years before he died that the Romans decided they needed to do something about it (they did not want him to rule over them). They hung him on a cross, and he suffocated. That’s right, it wasn’t the Jews. If you’re a “true Christian”, you should know that it was the Romans all along (not throwing a scapegoat out there, just wanted to reveal the truth) But then you go around, saying that the Christians were still the “chosen ones”.

    Similarly, they said that Jesus was Jewish. This is true. However, Christianity wasn’t formed until after Jesus died, so generally 2010 years ago. Judaism is much older. The only difference between Judaism and Christianity was that Christianity is generally for people who believe in Jesus’s followings.

    Thirdly, if God only likes Christians, how would he let Jesus reincarnate if he were Jewish? There are also a lot of situations that can be caused with this whole predicament. Good things happen to bad people (Benito Musselini, for example) when bad things happen to good people (Abraham Lincoln, for example). This proves that:

    1) God isn’t as strong as people make him out to be, and he isn’t as powerful as people say

    2) God is nonexistent

    And finally, if God is everything everyone says he is, can he create something so heavy even he can’t carry it?

    Ponder that last one for a while.


    I hope you read this with an open mind and considered everything I said.http://christwire.org

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