• Christians, Duty, and Rock ‘n Roll

    May 15, 2010 4:04 pm 10 comments
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    It’s gotten to the point where almost everybody in the world is having sex. One of the largest driving factors in this maelstrom of fornication, lust, and impurity, is the so called “Rock ‘n Roll” music. “Rock ‘n Roll” originated in the 60s and has continued to the present day, driven on by the sick immorality of the young folk, who, under its satanic influence, want only to “get wasted,” “do it,” fall asleep, wake up, and then do it all again. If this continues, God will smite this country, as he smote Egypt, with plagues of hail, death, and bloody water. To stop this, we must halt the degenerates creating this filth and promoting its spread. We must embark on a modern day crusade. As in medieval times, we must TAKE BACK the holy land, the United States of America, for God and Jesus Christ of Nazareth, His only Son! Arise, my fellow born-again Christians! Let us STRIKE DOWN the ones engendering this garbage, as Moses and the Israelites killed the Canaanites in the wilderness! Let us kill them, male and female, young, and old. Let us burn their houses, and poison their animals! Not even their trees shall be spared! My friends, GOD has called me to alert you to this all-important MISSION! Do not fail your LORD now. Do not take even a small chance of being thrown into the lake of hellfire! Farewell, my brothers, and PEACE BE WITH YOU.

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