• ChristWire Boycott Forces Justin Bieber and Glee Record Sales Drop, Panicked Industry Hires Greyson Chance

    May 16, 2010 4:06 pm 16 comments
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  • For the last month, ChristWire and its associates have used the power of prayer and purchase to boycott the threats of Justin Bieber and Glee.

    Our parenting council studies revealed how both of these bottled institutions represented a threat to the American family and morality in our children.

    Investigative journalist Stephenson Billings has looked deep into Glee to reveal a latent homosexual agenda. Monitoring of Justin Bieber’s marketing techniques reveals a sexualized agenda, causing him to even team up with rapper Ludacris, Lady Gaga and Hot Topic, being pushed by a morally bankrupt Hollywood.

    Our call to American parents to protest these two entities has caught traction nationwide, as both have experienced a massive decline in viewership and sales since we started this boycott.

    This is great news and I want to personally thank each and every one of you from ChristWire ministries to our partners at American Family Association that made this happen.

    As expected, the declining secular record industry is licking its wounds and already looking to replace Bieber. They know the power of our Christian boycott will feather out to secular families as well, and Bieber’s career is now in quick descent.

    Last week we reported on a boy who made an internet sensation video on YouTube. His name is Greyson Chance. He sang a Lady Gaga song and had a Justin Bieber hairstyle. This child has already been signed by Interscope Records in a desperate move to not lose their teenage girl buyership and audience.

    We will monitor Greyson and should his coming album be out of line, we will simply do what we did with Bieber and continue pray and find every wrong until parents see the only choice is to not buy their product.

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