• ChristWire Helps Create Remove Justin Bieber from Internet Technology

    May 20, 2010 6:48 pm 39 comments
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  • We have teamed up with God to power F.A.T. labs to introduce a new way to remove Justin Bieber from the internet.

    As you know, Justin Bieber is a new threat to young boys and girls worldwide. Hollywood producers are using Bieber’s effeminate voice and seemingly innocent looks to peddle off lesbian pride shirts at Hot Topic, help rappers like Ludacris sell albums and even have sexual thoughts and experiences at a young age.

    These producers are using this technique to also recruit boys, who think if they cut their hair like Justin Bieber and sing in prepubescent falsetto, they can also get record deals and woo girls to do unnatural things with their bodies. We see they will go as far as to make a child go “viral” and hired to Interscope Records after just one recording, just to make it really seem like this can happen to anyone.

    Enough is enough. Our techies have worked diligently to find a way to hurt Bieber’s marketing and access to children, and the way most kids get their information and music today is through the internet.

    We have worked with the American Family Association to pray for F.A.T labs and independent groups to be able to bring you the following technology. It will require that you install the Mozilla Firefox browser as your computer’s main engine, which you can do at Mozilla.

    Next, visit our favorite page here and download the Shave Bieber add-on for Firefox. This technology will literally make gone any Bieber reference from appearing on your computer! All Bieber MP3 and videos will become broken and obscured!

    This technology will spread and make it so parents can block Justin Bieber from any computer and his popularity will fall, and he will be left sitting alone and sullen at lunch like a loser. No one will want to be his friend because they will have forgotten all about him.

    This is just more proof that by the power of prayer, we can enable others to help do Christ’s work in making the world a more pure place.

    Here is a video of how this technology fully works.

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