• Colonel Sanders Involved In Greasy Chicken Sex Scandals, Japanese?

    May 10, 2010 3:21 pm 8 comments
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  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) used to be a great American restaurant. You could buy a bucket of chicken for a family picnic and feed a good 20 people (or slightly more for certain darker, genetic varieties if you get my drift).

    What I ‘ve noticed though in recent years is that Kentucky Fried Chicken has become pretty nasty. The chicken is mushy, like it has sitten in grandma’s fridge a spell too long.

    The biscuits are cold and not quite as buttery. And the buckets now cost way too much. All of this started to happen after the Colonel passed away. It is said that Colonel Sander did ate all his recipes before he died and now all secrets are buried forever with him. It certainly do taste like it.

    Why a good, dead American man would covet and eternally horde the secrets that make an American business, his own business, great was really beyond me. Why would Colonel Sanders take all of his chicken away?

    Was he racist? Did he want the black to suffer as they missed out on their weekly joy come payday? Did he want my family and yours to not have those good chicken buckets to add to our burgers, potato salad and green bean casserole on lovely picnics/cookouts?

    Colonel Sanders a Japanese anime pervtconte (Japanese pornographer) and canoodles women with chicken bones?

    I would have thought the answer was no until I saw the following picture. Colonel Sanders I thought was always a moral man, wearing a white suit like good old Boss Hawg in Duke’s of Hazard and a Southern Christian gentleman. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would discover a secret picture of him with, Japanese face and fondoogling a womans with a piece of chicken in her nethers !

    This is anime pervert sickness at its core and who would have thought our good Colonel was a Japo nazi! How can this be hidden so long and now I am just pretty suci. Anyone no where to get good chicken for summer cookouts let me know and I will create a business profile article for the restaurant so all of us and our minority friends can find some for our cookouts or day to day life, respectively.

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