• Dogs Corrupted By New Hipped Hopped Training

    May 6, 2010 10:06 pm Comments Off on Dogs Corrupted By New Hipped Hopped Training
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  • It’s a well-known fact that urban drug gangsters have long had a love and hate relationship with dogs.

    Police love German Shepherds, because these dogs can sniff out drugs from a mile away and run down any local black who is stealing radios or selling smut drugs to your children at the neighborhood grocery store.

    The thing is, dogs can be tricked. They are still animals and know only loyalty to their master in their hearts, as the Bible ordains all subservient creatures. At least dogs stick to edict of nature.

    The sad catch is that when blacks catch ownership of a dog, they can use this creatures loyalty in a reverse play and make it a corrupt dog. They can make dogs as corrupt as cats.

    Here we see a poor dog that has been taught how to rap like a gangster. I wish I worked at the local animal shelter where this dog lives so I could pick it up and put the poor creature out of its misery by putting it down. No dog deserves to have to live the lifestyle of bullet dodges, robbing the innocent and then smelling drug fumes for days on end. Crying children. Poor dog and I pray it gets free.

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