• Elena Kagan Sits Like A Boy, Doesn’t Cross Legs

    May 27, 2010 1:42 am 13 comments
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    Each and every day since Obama announced she was his pick for Supreme Court, I have devoted countless hours researching into the history of this “female” Elena Kagan.

    The most disturbing thing I’ve noticed to date, however, and the most telling, is that Elena Kagan is dowdy and suspiciously ‘boyish’ in her mannerisms.

    The most notable of her behavior is that Kagan is frumpy and not very lady-like. Even Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Robin Givhan at the Washington Post notes the brutish behavior of Kagan at events where she should naturally act prim and proper — graceful — like a real lady.

    Elena Kagan’s posture is suspiciously lesbian, legs ajar and back hunched like the creature in the Notre Dame movie.

    Analyzation of an image taken from a recent sit-down Kagan did, next to a real lady, shows the problem with Kagan and why she is not an appropriate choice for Supreme Court justice.

    Do we really need a lesbian Hunchback of the Supreme Court?

    Let us start with the head of Kagan.  Notice her shorter hair cut, with a thicker top and fading toward the sides.  This is the same haircut employed by adulterer and former US president Bill Clinton.  This haircut is very brute and masculine, not cute in any way or embracing of a female’s demeanor.

    Next, look at how she wears her blouse, jacket and skirt.  She is not used to them and she hunches forward, hands resting on knees and highly uncomfortable.  She is used to sitting in blue jeans and an old cudoroy flannel shirt, therefore she sits with stumpy legs gapped for all to see. 

    There is no poise or lady’s elegance here, even though she is wearing a string of likely borrowed pearls.  Just contrast this all with the woman sitting next to her.  See the difference?

    Kagan is trying to veil a fact from all of us, and simply the fact is one thing.  Kagan is trying to hide the fact of her being a potential lesbian.

    We cannot risk such a person in the Supreme Court.  A judge’s heart has to be pure, without an agenda or bias.  Just looking at the picture’s of Kagan, it is patently obvious that she’s trying to shroud something about herself, attempting to deceive America.

    We do not need a sleeper agent for the homo gay agenda within our nation’s highest court.  Even if she just confessed her lifestyle to us, so we can judge her openly and without having to investigate, it would bode well for her character.

    Sure, we would still have to protest her being signed as a justice to our Supreme Court, but at least we could say she was honest and didn’t try to hide anything from us.  And that would speak volumes about her already marred and borish character.

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