• Gay Chefs Lurer Childrens With Gay Bagels

    May 1, 2010 2:04 pm 13 comments
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    Parents alert! Parents, alert!

    I have warned you that this summer, the gays are looking for more ways to kidnap our children and lead them into wicked ways.

    They know school will soon be out and that children all over will be roaming around their neighborhoods, looking for something to do. Just like we all know that gays can’t resist trying to corrupt a childs, it’s the same truth that the children cannot resist their candy and sweets.

    Last summer we ruined their plans of Big Gay Icecream Trucks. We revealed these trucks and watched their business plummet from all our anti-publicity and prayers. Parents knewed to run little Johnny and Sally away when they heard the gay jingles of a sparkled gay truck!

    Now this summer, we see they are at it again and this time it’s the gay chefs. It is no secret that gays enjoy doing jobs like secretary and baker, all not really meant for men. Nurses.

    Now they want to nurse your child up with sweets and then dally them in the backsides! Sicko gays and wherever you see these following bagel donuts, just rebuke who made them and tell them you do not support their gay agenda of molersting kids and then forward us the name of the offending store the gay works at, so we may add it to the summer prayer list of stores to boycott and pray down.

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