• Gibbs Cracks Whip on Obama Defense

    May 27, 2010 2:40 am 3 comments
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  • In an odd reversal of roles, Obama has ordered his Czar of the Press, press secretary Robert Gibbs, to crack the whip.

    Robert Gibbs has been getting testy when questions about the BP spill are brought up by the press. Gibbs has even gone as far to bring all the White House Press Corps (the people who question the president and his administration for us) into the West Wing of the White House, and then allegedly berate them for asking too many questions related to the oil spill that has destroyed countless lives in The Gulf of Mexico.

    We all know Obama is responsible, if not all the way at least in part, for the BP oil spill. Long ago our first American president, President George Washington, told us that we must always beware the red coats.

    He said, “Never trust the British nor be involved in their affairs.” Yet, we have let British Petroleum, the very criminals who burned down our White House and helped create the euro to dare stand against the Dollar, our very money which proudly states IN GOD WE TRUST, drill for oil off our coast.

    We trusted Obama to oversee these people and now we all pay the price. Obama lets the criminals hide their damages they have done to our oceans and the creatures who live within. BP has destroyed part of America and Obama is trying to help them sweep this oily mess under the rug.

    Thank goodness our friends at Fox News have worked hard to expose the criminal works of BP and Obama.

    BP knew from the get-go that this particular oil well, , was dangerous and could cause problems. Obama turned a blind eye as he knew doing so would guarantee BP would help line his coffers and give him millions more euros, as America suffers and he sells us out to foreign powers.

    In light of all the evidence stacked against them, Obama and his adminstration have given the slave’s whip to Gibbs and have given him authorization on him to unleash it on our press, who is to be free to ask all questions to the press.

    It is no wonder Obama likes the idea of whipping the press and taking away their Constitutional freedom: his middle name is Hussein and the countries of that name’s origin have a long-history, and even current, of such actions.

    Friends, let us remember that Obama is selling us out to keep his oil buddies at BP and the Sultan of Oil, the Sheik Terror King of Oil (who we caught Obama bowing to only a year ago) happy and rich. He is selling us out to foreign powers again and again.

    These are cruel days, my friends, when the US president has questionable morals and loyalty. That is grounds for impeachment and we have every right to be upset with BP and Obama, and the terror countries.

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