• Harry Potter, Emma Watson Once Again Making Teens Think About S*x

    May 7, 2010 8:57 pm 61 comments
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  • Harry Potter is a dangerous movie series about witchcraft, blood cults and homosexuality. It is designed to corrupt the mind of children and make them comfortable with dark magic and fornicating with one another.

    The stars of Harry Potter, a boy named Daniel Radcliffe (who allegedly posed nude in a movie) and Emma Watson (who purportedly revealed herself from behind her pantiedrawers to show off her naked secret place to entice more confused children on her 18th birthday), continue to find more ways to corrupt our nation’s youth.

    As if the dangers and Satanic themes in Harry Potter were not danger enough, we have this Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe continually exposing themselves in national media. They say “Harry Potter” so children will turn an ear, then they reveal their naked bodies. They have used this tactic time and time again to corrupt children, as a means of using liberal s*x markets to peddle off their merchandise to kids who are pressured into premature relationships due to peer pressure (Exposed Emma Evidence 1, Exposed Emma Evidence 2). Harry Potter’s author, a man named J.K. Rorwling, should be put to the pyre.

    So it should come as no surprise that as we continue to monitor the antics of Harry Potter associates, that Emma Watson has matriculated to Brown University. Here is the picture she apparently put in the new class register and I would not be surprised to see some vajazzling involved (Scott Grunhard has a law fellowship there, and confirms): Warning: Following is digital media featuring Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson, and a Brown University pose. Please immediately order all women/children to leave the room before praying then reviewing this image for your parenting/media alert group.

    I find this image to be very offensive and anyone who would take such a picture for college has no place at Brown University. Young men go there to study, not got eyefuls of sick things like this. These clothing choices are no different than what kids see when they watch Harry Potter though, so really we should not be too surprised.

    Let us hope and pray that the Dean’s board catches wind of who this Emma Watson is and request she kindly returns to England, so as to not distract young men at Brown from their studies with fornicated thoughts their bodies are not meant to have within.

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