• Help The Police Catch Mexicans

    May 1, 2010 2:19 pm 16 comments
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    Our families are in great danger. The source: sneaking Mexicans.

    Did you know that only every 43 minutes, an unsuspecting American family is approached and then accosted by a stray Mexican?

    To add to these alarming figures, many of these poor, mangy wretches may have rabies and drug habits, leading to their reddened eyes and stoic stares without saying a word, only motioning to purses or wallets.

    I am very scared of stray Mexicans and you should feel the same way too. It is a sad shame that they get lost out of their country and come to ours. Today America has a major problem with drugs, pollution and urban decadence: it is no coincidence that the more Mexicans who sneak into our nation, the more these numbers increase.

    The Mexicans know not what they do: they cannot help it that they carry Swine Flu plague and the revenge of Montezuma flu, which can kill you or your family dead. They cannot grasp why we must have them leave our country.

    So it is up to us to help them get out of our country. Here is a picture of a car of a Mexican, which several American young men helped label for our local police. It has been clearly labeled in American, and what the car contains, so the police can help these Mexicans back to their own country.

    It is tough but it must done for, for our safety and the sake of the Mexicans. The other resorts would be internment camps or worse, which is just not a nice way to do things. So let us help deport the Mexicans to their home country, as President Ronald Reagan demanded only 20 years ago.

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