• Hot Topic, Lesbians and Justin Bieber Shirts

    May 2, 2010 1:02 pm 9 comments
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  • Hot Topic, Lesbians and Justin Bieber: what do these three things have in common? The gay agenda.

    Only days ago, we received insider reports that one of the stores on our Moral Alerts list, Hot Topic, made a surprising change in wardrobe. We found that this store started to sell Justin Bieber, tshirts, as was corroborated with photographic evidence over the weekend: (1 and 2).

    Further digging confirms that even Hot Topic’s core shopping base, musicians and those who dress in “Gothic” clothing, are growing irate due to this shocking new change of clothing. Notice how most of the people who are shocked by this are the store’s core and loyal female shoppers.

    Why would a store, known for dangerous and demonic dark clothing, start to scare away those it worked so hard to recruit by promoting shirts that feature an effeminate young boy?

    After tasking several of our investigative staff to look into the matter, it seems there is some link between Justin Bieber and lesbians.

    A person known only as Ms. Biebans has launched an internet web community named “Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber” to document the phenomena. Apparently, Hot Topic is now assisting the homosexual agenda, as it seems lesbians are in a fashion trend of making themselves look like this Bieber kid.

    That considered, it seems Hot Topic may be taking the angle of introducing its shoppers to the lesbian butch culture by selling these shirts and hoping the women at their store will buy into it. Next it will be buying his cds and wearing clothing as he does (called “emo”tioned clothing).

    Something is awry and I’m still not sure of Hot Topic’s angle with this clothing shift, but we will keep it on our radars and under prayer. The marketers behind this store have their hand deep into the culture of young adults, so we will see what manipulative angle they are trying to take and boycott any moves we discover, keeping you informed in the process.

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