• If You’re One of America’s Greatest Anti-Gay Crusaders, Does a Little Trip to Spain With a Rent Boy Really Make You Gay?

    May 5, 2010 8:29 am 144 comments
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  • dr george rekers and geo

    One of the most disgusting and biased stories ever printed in the liberal media hit the presses this week. The details are lurid, the characters famous. In the aftermath, Dr. George Rekers, America’s greatest anti-gay Christian crusader, has seen his reputation crushed while a certain smooth Puerto Rican male prostitute named Geo watches his potential fortunes rise as tabloid fame beckons.

    Dr. Rekers now stands accused of the worst type of hypocrisy for hiring a “rent boy” from the website Rentboy.com to accompany him on a deluxe ten-day vacation beneath the swarmy skies of Spain where the two shared hotel rooms and fun. The gentle, older man and the skinny, longhaired 20-year old boy have since made a pact to stay tight-lipped about their private getaway, but shouldn’t the good doctor’s incredible reputation speak for itself?

    This is a man who has been one of the most influential opponents of the radical gay movement for over 30 years now. He founded the Family Research Council along with Dr. James Dobson. He is an esteemed psychology professor and the author of such works as, “Preventing Adult Homosexuality” and “Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality.” The list of his triumphs is legion, from fighting against homosexual and Native-American adoptions to leading the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group that pioneers new cures for homosexual activity. He has also stood firm in his support for noted psychologist Paul Cameron, despite accusations that Cameron goes too far in denying the existence of the Holocaust.

    dr george rekers and geo

    In glaring contrast, the young Puerto Rican who inspired the incredible outpouring of blogospheric innuendo is quite explicit when describing himself:

    Boy Next Door: Massage, good times, Travel, escort for days, nights and weekends, My name’s Geo. 20 year old, 5’9’’, 130 pounds, 28’’ waist size, 8×6“ UNCUT, VERSATILE, NICE ASS. Puerto Rican, fair/light-Skin, blond hair, blue eyes and athletic/muscular built. I’m a college guy, masculine, educated, really easy-going, great to get along with, can hold a conversation and passionate You could just say I love to have a good time. Very clean, professional, HIV and Disease FREE. For a sensual meet or companionship. Will do anything you say as long as you ask ;D Repeat encounters are always more exciting for me and make it more casual and comfortable for you as well. Call or text anytime.

    One customer was so pleased by the young man’s skills and professionalism that he took to the internet to post this 5-star review:

    Geo was an exceptional find. He was very easy going and fun. He completely took his cues from me, and seemed to genuinely enjoy foreplay, the main event, and even a little post-play. He is extremely cute and has a great personality to match it. Geo was affectionate and playful. The experience was completely positive — I not only had a lot of fun with him, but he helped me relax after an otherwise stressful day. Prior to our appointment he was quite professional, and was clear in both his questions and his requirements. He communicated well leading up to the appointment and showed up as agreed, and then proceeded to exceed all my expectations. Geo did not rush anything and seemed genuinely eager to make sure I enjoyed the experience with him. I will unquestionably think of him first, when looking to hire someone in this area.

    Is it so hard to imagine that something tragic would happen when Dr. Rekers was left along with our capable young Geo? Afterward, the combustive cocktail of these two polar opposites was stirred to an outrageous froth when a duo of sleazy reporters named Penn Bullock and Brandon K. Thorp from the Miami New Times chanced upon the scene with neither faith nor tact. Their scandal-seeking article, “Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with rent boy,” imagined all sorts of implausible and dangerous details. Then blogger Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God dropped by to add that special homosexual cherry of his, the pierced fruit of Facebook frottage and exclusive x-rated photos. The ravenous dogs of internet message boards argued the details, but the identity of the luggage-lifting lothario came out, as does everything eventually in our cyber-connected self-destructive era.

    dr george rekers and geo

    But where is the truth in all this? Professor George’s calm and measured explanation has been criminally ignored in all the hubbub. Only people with disgusting imaginations could take something so innocent and turn it into something so wrong. Quite simply, the 61-year old Rekers was recuperating from surgery and couldn’t make the long overseas trip without someone there helping him with his luggage. He was in a terrible amount of pain (aching and limping!) and was desperate for some aid. In fact, it was a noble, charitable act hiring this struggling Latino boy with money from his own pocket, especially considering all the debate about unemployment and immigration in this country right now, but did he receive any thanks from the liberal media? Of course not! Furthermore, he had no idea that the “shirtless young man with delicate features, guileless eyes, and sun-kissed, hairless skin” was a homosexual until halfway through their trip. You could ask why they met on a gay prostitution website like Rentboy.com and Rekers will tell you, “My hero is Jesus Christ who loves even the culturally despised people, including sexual sinners and prostitutes. Like Jesus Christ, I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal to try to help them.”

    If that’s not convincing enough for you, then read Dr. Rekers’ passionate, moving note to Joe Jervis:

    “Like John the Baptist and Jesus, I have a loving Christian ministry to homosexuals and prostitutes in which I share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them (see I Corinthians 6:8-11). Contrary to false gossip, innuendo, and slander about me, I do not in any way “hate” homosexuals, but I seek to lovingly share two types of messages to them, as I did with the young man called “Lucien” in the news story: [1] It is possible to cease homosexual practices to avoid the unacceptable health risks associated with that behavior, and [2] the most important decision one can make is to establish a relationship with God for all eternity by trusting in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, including homosexual sins. If you talk with my travel assistant that the story called “Lucien,” you will find I spent a great deal of time sharing scientific information on the desirability of abandoning homosexual intercourse, and I shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him in great detail.” –Dr. George A. Rekers on Facebook

    So let us now defend famous men and banish internet lies. Just because an older Baptist minister takes a young Latino prostitute on a deluxe Mediterranean holiday, that does not make him gay. Just because that same man adopted a boy who is now the same age as Rentboy Geo, you cannot call him a pedophile (nor a hypocrite, even if he has stated that gays should not be allowed to adopt). The proof of Dr. Rekers’ heterosexuality is in his supreme fight against the radical gay agenda. His deeds– his Evangelical writings and teachings– affirm a life lived under Christ’s laws. The power of his righteousness shines on the faces of the thousands upon thousands of people he has touched and inspired to rebel against their worst homosexual desires. A few sordid acts could never refute such a lifetime of glory. Dr. George Rekers is and forever will be a true and beautiful heterosexual, despite what tales are pawned off in your local blogs and newspapers. God has made none straighter. The gays shall lay no claim to him. He is one of us! Even if, by chance, some unfortunate same-sex tryst happened there in the teeming alleyways of Madrid or on the bleached shores of Costa Brava, under a starry Andalucian night, or on a brisk Basque morning, whatever did happen Dr. George Rekers will forever remain a righteous heterosexual in our hearts!


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