• Insane Clown Posse Makes Black Rappers Look Like Shirley Temple

    May 12, 2010 3:24 am 9 comments
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  • I have discovered a dangerous new band that makes black rappers look like Shirley Temple! They are encouraging kids to do violent acts and burn down their schools!

    They are making kids paint their faces white and rob banks! They call themselves the Insane Clown Posse and may even be responsible for Columbine and even perhaps 9/11!

    Here our friend Billy O’Reilly talks to these insane clown posse mongrels to see why they are corrupting our kids! If you see the clown symbol in their rooms, burn it! Burn! They also are apparently called jugglerloes so beware if your child makes a reference! Burn the cds and no insane clowns!

    Look at how they talk to the children in the following video. The clown named violent J tells a twelve year old child boy, “Hey, why don’t you play with your twiddler balls?” Sex reference to child!

    To another he says, “Hey child, why don’t you go home and smoke some drugs like magic mint!” Filth! Filth!

    Then, he goes on to say, “Hey you child, why don’t you go out and play gang wars with the blacks while you are young! Now!” And then the kid runs off to rob people and sell drugs with black rappers.

    I wish Bill O’Reilly would have punched the violent j clown in the face! Warning: The following video contains a Satanic band. Please immediately order women/children to leave the room before praying and then reviewing the video.

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