• Internet Pornography Attacks Innocent 89-Year-Old Grandfather

    May 28, 2010 11:06 am 16 comments
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  • 89-year-old great-grandfather Jack Sedgewick recently became the latest victim of unprecedented web pornography. Each year, millions of men innocently fall victim and are exposed to such pornography due to online sex marketers and women willing to pose for such perversion.

    Today we have another harrowing story of how pornography on the internet has attacked yet another good man.

    An 89-year-old crossword fan, Jack Sedgewick, used the internet to research a clue in his daily puzzle. Sadly for Sedgewick, his daily routine was to soon receive a vile and lude shake-up.

    The fateful clue was 14-across: “Wild Asian Ass”.

    Looking at this, any self-respecting person would expect to come across words and images associated with a wild Asian ass, as follows below.

    Unfortunately, Satan has taken hold of the internet and there are many www. word wide internet sites out there that are perverted.

    According to recent studies, each year over 75% of people who use the internet are forced to see unwanted/unexpected pornagraphy. 75%. Of that number, a shocking 67% are your children, and 8% geriatrics, such as our friend Jack Sedgewick.

    This experience has scarred Sedgewick for life. As he was searching for a create, the marvel of God’s pure nature, to finish his crossword puzzle, he was confronted with exotic images of secret Asian bedonkdonk debauchery!

    Sedgewick nearly had a heart attack and syncopal episode following what he saw. Sedgewick was attacked by dozens of porn sites that aggressively displayed photos of naked Asian girls. Sedgewick reports one even said, “the hottest spicy Asian ass you’ll ever see”.


    That is all just so sick. First of all, they are peppering the flat backsides of Asian women with spices and then trying to tantalize men to take a fornicated taste. My anger is riled at what Sedgewick was forced to suffer!

    I hope these Asians and whoever is responsible for this knows that Satan knows about spices too, because hell burns hotter than a million dirty Mexican jabeneros frying on the surface of molten lava! God throws all sinners and all pornographers shall burn forever!

    Jack Sedgewick, a member of the Greatest Generation and an erudite engineer with a pure heart, was saddened with where the world has come:

    Jack said, “I was shaken. The images were horrendous. I didn’t know this sort of stuff existed.”

    Just like Jack Sedgewick, each year millions of men, and even women and children, fall victim to these same type of sex attacks. Now with my sullied and dirty, a disheveled Jack managed to muster enough strength to type “donkey sanctuaries” into his keyboard, and it revealed more pure results and the answer: “onager”.

    Friends, pornography is of Satan. Pastor Jack Gould said, “Pornography is drugs for the mind”. His words mean that it will sneak into people’s lives, much like a prowling black may do your child in a parking lot or perhaps a bottle of friendly alcohol at a party, and then segue them into an addiction that will lead them to drugs, inappropriate fornication, disease and hell.

    Let us make sure to download appropriate filters like Be Safe On Line to our computers and let us, along with the American Family Association, make sure you do not fall victim.

    Imagine the horror in your heart if one day, just like what happened to this mother, your sixteen-year-old girl was caught giving men jollies and working as a stripper. She did this because she was a victim of secret internet pornography attacks and was tricked into a life of sin.

    Imagine how guilty you would feel as your browse through all of these images of your daughter being exploited and dancing like a stripper because you failed to protect your home computer from suffering these shocking and abundant secret pornography attacks.

    Friends, let’s ruin Satan’s day and protect our computers. Our board has created technology which will let us control what can be seen on your computer, so that way you can protect your family and friends from being exposed to this filth, which will destroy your lives.

    If you love your family, please download and install this technology today.

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