• Is Dora The Explorer Illegal Mexican Immigrant Propaganda?

    May 26, 2010 9:48 pm 24 comments
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  • Dora the Explorer is a child’s television show that tries to influence kids to embrace illegal Mexican immigrants. This image shows what we should really teach our kids in doing whatever necessary to protect America from illegal infestation.

    PBS, America’s official Public Broadcoast Station, has long been a launching ground for liberal propaganda and ideals. It is not rare to see liberals launch shows that try covertly introduce our nation’s children to perverted notions, all behind the back of our nation’s parents.

    In Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie lived together and slept together, and even bathed together. This was a part of the homo gay agenda. We witnessed secret shows such as Teletubbies (gay agenda) and Barnie (magic, evolution, latent homo) and even Arthur (gay agenda, evolution).

    This is just a taste of what PBS offered and has caused great offense to our American homes. The biggest trick they’ve played on us, however, is likely with a television show team-up they did with children’s channel Nickelodeon. They created a Mexican show called Dora the Explorer, to make kids think it was okay for America to have illegal Mexican immigrants sneaking around our country.

    This Dora show is about a young nine-year-old Mexican girl who dresses in a hooker fashion and tries to make our kids learn Mexican, just like an illegal’s child would do.

    The show always starts with a song: “Come on vamanos, everyone let’s go!” You see, vamanos is Mexican for “Everyone let’s go” in American.

    They are trying to make our kids learn that language and how to communicate with illegals, so when they are older they will have a soft spot in their heart for people who do not belong on our land in our country. They are trying to convert your children into social liberals who will not uphold President Ronald Reagan’s Christian edict to kick all the illegals out of our country.

    This cartoon is just more proof of why more states need to be like Arizona and adopt hard line anti-immigration laws. We need to stop all Mexican immigrants, South American immigrants, African immigrants and the like from coming into our country until we can get this illegal problem under control.

    They now even create cartoons trying to trick our children into embracing the dirty sinchilds of parents who do not belong. Our children must learn that whenever they see a suspicious Mexican, no matter the age, to detain them if a child and if an adult, quickly call the police or tell the adult in charge (teacher if at school, us parents if at home or work). Illegals can be anywhere so we must always look out and know the signs:

    * Illegal workers usually stand around in groups of four or five. They hold lawn equipment and instead of working, use their lips to point at girls they find attractive as they walk by. They also eat fruit and sandwiches from brown bags through the day.

    * Old mariachi music trucks. If you see a truck with several dusty looking Mexicans in the back, and a seedy looking driver with a passenger, and it has loud mariachi music. The entire truck is illegal. This is a group of Mexicans looking for daily work with landscaping or perhaps some drywalling.

    * When you ask them a question, they grin and mumble, taking a step back. If their kids are sick, expect them to sneak to a hospital with a translator who pretends to be the parent of the child.

    * Red stemmed eyes and playing a game of pick-up soccer at the local park.

    * Never come to PTO meetings for the children at school.

    There are plenty more examples, and whatever the case, our children need to know that even though we love all people, it is the duty of every American to protect our country. We must use whatever means necessary and do whatever possible.

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