• Is Obama A Sleeper Agent For Al-Qaeda?

    May 5, 2010 12:07 am 5 comments
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    It is long been speculated that Obama is a sleeper agent for various governments who are against America and the nation’s system of capitalism.

    Throughout Obama’s running for the US presidency, it was loudly pointed out that Obama’s history has connections with powerful terrorist regimes and socialist operatives. Several of Obama’s intelligence Czars were double-agents for Russia during the Cold War.

    It cannot be overlooked that Obama was all too eager to apologize to Iran for any US aggression, then sign back-room deals that allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Obama gave over $1 billion US dollars to Palestinian terrorists during the heat of our deadly recession.

    Obama went to schools named Madrasas and is associated with Ed Ravey, a noted defector and long-time enemy of capitalism. Obama refused to say “One Nation Under God” when saying the pledge.

    The evidence against Obama continues to mount, from detailed investigations to blatant actions against America, such as Obama’s lack of a birth certificate or fervently expressing his Christian faith.

    Obama is a sleeper agent and we must vote him out of office in 2012.

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