• Islamic Terrorists Attempt to Bomb South Park Offices in Times Square

    May 2, 2010 1:17 am 30 comments
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    Quick thinking police thwarted an attempted Islamic terrorist attack against the controversial “South Park” cartoon show and its media parent company, Viacom, Inc. on Saturday night. The act was in retaliation for an episode in which Colorado cartoonists Matt Parker and Trey Stone depicted the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a bear costume mucking it up with several regular members of the comedy show. Arabs find any visual illustration of their religious leader a disastrous offense and because of their peculiarly sensitive personalities, they often make death threats against cartoonists in an attempt to embellish their manhood. Security at all offices of the Viacom company had been beefed up recently due to these security concerns.

    Early Saturday evening, a dark Ford SUV with Connecticut license plates parked in front of the offices of Viacom located at 1515 Broadway and 45th Street. One could just imagine the type of irate man, shouting obscenities and making foreign-looking hand gestures, who then exited the truck (is an SUV a truck or a car? I am not quite sure) and ran off into a crowd that included theatergoers, tourists and homosexuals. A patrolman spotted this climatic scene and bravely approached the vehicle. It reportedly contained an improvised explosive device, like those Al Qaeda’s trains its young members to build in their Afghani training camps. The bomb was smoking and its red blinking timer had only seconds to go when the policeman dove through the vehicle window and ripped a red wire from the detonator with his bare teeth. A crowd of onlookers who were en route to such popular Broadway shows as The Lion King and Cats cheered as the heroic act was in progress. Billionaire Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey, also in the area, did not stop to witness the courage but instead carried on her way to see “Behanding in Spokane”, starring Hollywood icon Christopher Walken. Popular restaurant TGI Friday’s also had to be closed as a security precaution.

    The South Park program has been known to court controversy for ratings. In the past, they have viciously attacked Christians, scientologists and mormons but have so far stayed away from any frontal idolatry against the Middle East’s most popular religion. That all changed a few weeks ago when details of an upcoming episode leaked into the blogosphere prompting one radical Arab group based in Brooklyn, New York to make visual and offensive death threats against the show’s creators. Their pronouncements were reminiscent of the Muslim world’s condemnation of writer Salman Rushdie and the cartoonists of Denmark. Revolution Islam, the group behind the threats, is headed by a Jewish man named Joseph Cohen, now known as “Yousef Al-Khattab” who cast aside the religion of his ancestors to join the mujahideen. The overweight Brooklyn ex-Jew is currently under investigation by the FBI.

    Revolution Islam has yet to claim responsibility for the failed terrorist attack attempt but I do not think it would be premature to say these types of people should be rounded up and held without trial. How much longer can the good people of the United States of America put up with such hate and stupidity, such degeneracy and perversion? Why must all this political correctness prevent us from doing what any decent, moral society would do? Why should we tolerate these dark-souled terrorists on our soil any longer? Close the borders for good, I say. Close the borders and round up the terrorists on the CIA’s long list of no-fly hoodlums. The good people of this country are FED UP! Our soldiers are dying on those Arab sands, our economy is bankrupt, people are afraid to fly, let alone leave their homes without a gun. It’s about time Obama shows us that he is indeed a man and not a socialist puppet trying to steal health care from the elderly to fund abortion for teens and illegals. Why is that so hard for everyone but Governor Sarah Palin to figure out? The people are marching, they are voting, they are gathering in the spirit of our Founding Fathers in Tea Parties in the great farmlands and small towns of this country, representing every type and stripe of American heartland wisdom. I realize I am risking my life to say this, but Mr. Obama should do the right thing here and arrest everyone or else he is no friend of freedom.

    south park terror attack


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