• Japanese Allow New ‘I-Fairy” Robot To Conduct Marriage Weddings

    May 16, 2010 3:31 pm 24 comments
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    My friends, I am getting sick and tired of the Japanese and their dire threat robots.

    We already have caught the following creations from their menacing yet quick Asian hands:

    Scary Japanese Robot Threat to America, Earth
    Japan Allies with China to Create Giant Firebreathing Robots
    Japan Creates Sex Robot

    Now if all that wasn’t enough, they have created yet a new monster that threatens our morals and traditions!

    They call this one the “I-Fairy”, a little 4-foot terror that is doing the job of a pastor! Robots cannot be pastors and have NO right to marry a couple, even Japanese!

    Reports say that at the first I-Fairy wedding, the Tokyo Japanese sat quietly in chairs with their big smiles like all was normal. They watched the little bride walk down the aisle like this was just common to have a robot pastor!

    As the bride walked down the aisle and a Japanese organ played “Here Comes the Bride”, reports say its “eyes flashes and plastic pigtails glinted”. That is nothing short of heresy against traditional marriage!

    The robot then actually said, and I aren’t making it up you see-saw liberals, it says “Please lift the bride’s veil.”

    It then waved its arms all around like the good Pope and then the Japanese kissed and all 50 people applauded. This is not normal to have robot pastor, no applause!

    I am so angry right now I wish this were World War II and Harry Truman elected me to drop nukes all over! I would skip the small towns and head straight to Kokoro factory in Tokyo! Nukes away! You can’t just get away with defiling the sanctity of marriage and not pay for your sins, you will get nuked in hell for all time!

    They say the first I-Fairy restaurant took place in Hibiya park in central Tokyo, were all the Japanese gathered around and at their octopus, moshi moshi and whatever other dishes they like, probably dog or cat. Rice.

    Then the fake robot pastor walked in and greeted everyone. It had a wreath of floors and black wires sticking out of its back. It tried to veil all these robot parts under a black curtain to its back (designed to look like a robe).

    In researching this new threat to the sanctity of marriage, I found that the company who makes this robot is owned by the same company who peddles Hello Kitty filth in America. So if you are against gay marriage or this robot conducted marriage, you should definitely help us boycott Hello Kitty.

    I called Kokoro and got an American Japanese on the phone and yelled at him, he said he understands my frustration and company would send me a letter about this. I asked the price and he said they cost about 6 million Japanese yen dollars (and my calculations show this is only around $600.000 in our real American dollar money), which shows the Japanese will give up their entire life savings just to pervert marriage!

    Sicko Japan! Whoever does this is worse than the gays and murders who have no respect for natural law! Marriage is to between a man and woman and verified by the pastor of the church! Heathen Japanese robot scientists, know that you will meet hellfire for your sins!

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