• Japanese Create Secret Solar Powered Space Ship, Venusian Photon War Guns

    May 18, 2010 5:28 am 16 comments
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  • The Earth is in peril. Japan now has created space technology that now comes only second to America.

    For years, visionaries have dreamed of the day when mankind would be able to harness the power of light itself for rapid travel through the heavens.

    Of technology designed to harness the power of light energy, in photons, Japan has become the first nation to actually prepare a spacecraft that will be able to successfully harness and be propelled by the power of the Sun.

    Japan is dubbing their newest space mission Ikaros (only similar to Icarus by coincidence), short for interplanetary kite-craft accelerated by radiation of the Sun. By all measures, every space agency predicts this craft will be the first to be fully powered by sunlight.

    The craft’s launch day was to be on Tuesday, but due to inclement weather and the will of God, for some reason this craft’s launch was postponed.

    When the craft reaches orbit, it will unleash a 20 meter wide ‘solar sail’ that will harness the Sun’s power, the very power that will accelerate the craft toward Venus.

    The craft will have enough excess energy to even store electricity within its solar cells.

    Solar cells work in a unique and not conventional way. Photons, generated by the Sun, exert a force that is captured by the cells. The resulting force does not yield powerful acceleration, but it does represent an unlimited fuel supply, meaning the yield energy can reach a point that speeds can greatly exceed that of chemical rockets.

    This means interstellar travel can become relatively cheap, fast and prominent.

    Scientists anticipate that this technology will allow travel outside the solar system, at vast speeds, by being ‘pushed’ by laser beams.

    Such a spacecraft could even travel towards the sun simply by using its sail to slow its orbit, while future versions of the sort imagined by Mr Cameron’s film could be “pushed” out of the solar system at vast speeds with the help of laser beams.

    Japan’s version of NASA, called JAXA, hopes that the spacecraft will lead to a hybrid propulsion engine, combining the solar sail technology with advanced electricity-powered ion drives.

    Essentially, the spacecraft could use any light source as a means of harnassing energy and direct populsion, making ships travel by ‘sun dips’ through space, and getting through streches of space where gravitational forces may become problematic and reducing a product of the electric ion drives.

    That spacecraft would use a hybrid propulsion system combining a sail with an electricity-powered ion drive.

    This technology is highly advanced and could revolutionize space travel. If JAXA’s launch is successful this week, Japan plans to launch a spacecraft to Jupiter within the next decade.

    We must not forget that the last time Japan constructed an advanced fleet, they allied with the NAZIs and attacked Pearl Harbor.

    Just imagine the horror if Japan is allowed to develop this revolutionizing technology and then turn it against America and her allies.

    There is no other choice but to force sanction upon Japan to reveal this technology to America and our allies, or face the wrath of nukes upon their science facilities.

    Japan must not be allowed to develop this technology any further due to the threat it represents, and therefore in violation of treaties Japan signed after World War II. Japan can use these ships as highly a highly advanced military armada.

    The power of technology must be left in the hands of the responsible, and therefore, it again falls to America to ensure this technology is protected and developed for the good of mankind within the borders of our enterprising nation.

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