• Justin Beiber Nominated for Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award

    May 25, 2010 12:31 am 5 comments
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  • Well I tried to tell all you fool-hardy parents that Justin Bieber is just a veiled thug who is trying to trick your daughters into exposing her whispering eye to the local black drug dealer, but you failed to listen.

    Now we see the proof is in the pudding. Last year Bieber sold millions of fornicated albums to our young daugters and no telling now how many are selling themselves for drugs and a warm meal.

    BET (Blacks Entertainment Television) is proud of Justin Bieber for teaming up with gangsters like Ludacris as pictured in the picture above. We see him also making friends with more in the following evidence.

    Would you drop your daughter off in the ghetto on late Saturday then tell her “Go play and have fun, sweetie!” then leave her there in her cute print dress and blouse. Any parent who says yes is a sicko and will be thrown straight into the hottest burnt black ghetto of hell!

    So if that is the case, why on Earth would you let your daughter or even son listen to someone who is endorsed by the Blacks Entertainment Television (BET)? They applaud and give awards to drug dealers, gangsters and street pimpers. They allow these people to think they are good people instead of condemning them look the hoodlums they are!

    Look at them praise Bieber and remember birds of a feather flock together, so let us shoot all these low life mongrels down with boycotts and prayers.

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