• Justin Bieber Crashes Into A Door

    May 25, 2010 1:32 am 7 comments
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  • I first learned about this Justin Bieber sin child about a month ago, and since I saw what his agenda was and what he is being used to do to our nation’s youth (e.g., drug temptation, fornicate temptation, tattoos, boys with girl haircuts, homo agenda tshirts at Hot Topic, rap music) I knw I would have to pray against him.

    I prayed that his heart would be delivered and perhaps a career in becoming a good Christian artist, but he seems to enjoy galivanting with sinners such as Miley Cyrus and even dangerous black rappers like MC Hammer and Ludacris.

    I have done my research into this boy and have joined the national boycott to undo his record label’s success. I have asked God to expose the sins of his lifestyle so more parents will fear him and forbid their children from listening to him.

    In the following video, you can see that Justin Bieber has been blinded to a simple door. I don’t think this was drug induced, but rather God letting him know that no, the door is not open. He is not allowed to freely come and go into the minds of our children, God is closing our children’s hearts to sin music. God is closing Justin Bieber’s mind to normal function.

    This entire story reminds me of King Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible. I have outlined his full story on my kid site here, but the moral is that the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar used his power for evil over the innocent (like Justin Bieber), so God made him to have a reprobate mnid. Nebuchadnezzar crawled around on his hands and knees like an animal for seven years, eating grass and not knowing he was really a people.

    You can see the parallels here and I can only hope we see the same fully play out in Bieber’s life, so he can one day realize his sins and repent.

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