• Justin Bieber Gets Real Tramp Stamp Tattoo (Photo and Picture Proof)

    May 17, 2010 3:58 pm 34 comments
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  • Totally gag me with a spoon. How sick is it that young teen males are now getting tramp stamps put on their abdominal area as well. It gives me dry heaves to think what sort of lifestyle they are being lead into; dank tattoo parlors, musty drug needles and then back-alley prostitute fornication.

    The number of young men who are getting these tattoos as a stamp of accepting such a way of life increases, and they do it because they think it will make them like Justin Bieber.

    Justin Bieber is trying to promote a ‘bad boy’ image now so girls will continue to swoon for him. He is going the black way of doing things now, since his album sells are plummeting following our Christian-ethics call to boycott his music.

    We already see that Bieber is posing in pictures with black rappers like Ludacris and doing ‘crossover’ songs with him. He is now even going to tattoo parlors, without parental consent on top of that, and then getting tattoos placed on his body. What does it say, “Thugged Life”? or “PIMP”?

    That is picture evidence of Justin Bieber getting a tattoo and that is all the proof you need to know of what is happening to teen boys.

    It all starts with one tattoo, then like I said, whores, drugs, AIDS and gun violence. That is the way thugs live their perverted lives and Justin Bieber allegedly has a tattoo of a bird flying along a beach placed on his lower right pelvis, hardly appropriate for a 16-year-old and what was a tattooer even doing down there.

    Bieber’s Hollywood handlers figure that if he starts this trend now, he will be able to recruit many followers over the summer, where teenagers are unsupervised for most of the day as parents work and there is no school supervision.

    Parents, make sure to inspect your children and talk to them about the dangers of the tattoo lifestyle and all it stands for. Let them know the statistics and trends of those who chose to live this urban life. It only snowballs and leads to death.

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