• Justin Bieber Tries To Deny German NAZIs, Gay Hot Topic Tshirt Agenda

    May 4, 2010 1:17 pm 26 comments
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  • Over the last week several media outlets revealed condemning evidence that shows teen singing “sensation” Justin Bieber and clothing store Hot Topic seem to be combined in some socialist NAZI agenda to brainwash kids and get them to buy cds, gay tshirts and lesbian themed wardrobe and lifestyle accessories.

    This agenda is simply for greed. What better minds to recruit than the gullible minds of young girls. They will wear short NAZI leather skirts and then play pattacake with each other hoohides while listening to Justin Bieber sing to them. They think this is trendy because it’s all at Hot Topic on these Justin Bieber shirts.

    Parents, lesbianism is a dangerous lifestyle and it is just as dangerous as gay. Hot Topic has some twisted new agenda to get boys to wear girls clothing and to make girls lesbians: this shows they are trying a new sector vertical in their store, to become the premiere clothing store for the gays.

    I would rather see them stay true to their scary and dark themes, where at least the boys and girls just listened to heavy metal and still were not homos wearing pink skin tight jeans and girly-boy shirt with NAZI overtones.

    Look at this video, where we see Bieber claiming he’s never even heard of the Germans:

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