• Kami Yokoshima Critically Ill After Illegal Mexican Parade

    May 11, 2010 5:08 pm 4 comments
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  • My dear friends, I come to you today to add another person to our prayer list. Our dear friend, Kami Yokoshima, has fallen ill after attending an illegal Mexican rally, where she was tasked to give us insider reports and photographs.

    As I understand it, as Kami took several pictures of a group of Mexicans herded about, one of them coughed on her and now she has symptoms of swine flu. She also became hungry and apparently had a few bites of their native food, which did not agree with her purportedly Japanese palate and belly.

    Friends of the faith, ChristWire Ministries strives to involve people not only from America, but all the other lesser nations too. I’ve never had a chance to meet Kami, but I hear she is of Japanese origin and there is something about a fox village there too.

    Whatever the case, let us stop what we are doing and pray for this young woman of faith. Let us pray that she is healed of whatever ailments of Mexican nature that have fallen upon her body. Let us pray that she is made whole and well again, so she may continue the ministry that she’s started.

    It is said that the prayers of the righteous shall avail much, so those of the faith, let us pray for God to intercede and give our friend a swift and speedy recovery.

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