• Lady Gaga Parades About Europe Half Naked, Reveals Secret Thingy Photograph

    May 11, 2010 5:47 pm 49 comments
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  • Lady Gaga went on tour through Europe to help spread his gay agenda. Lady Gaga thinks that if everyone over there gets confused and equates “Lady Gaga = female sex symbol”, then the more liberal Europe will allow gay marriage in all of their countries, then America will feel peer pressured to follow suit.

    We have warned parents time and time again about how dangerous Lady Gaga’s music is for our nation’s children. Her videos always feature her doing mouth sex acts and uncovering legs, right in front of young boys. Then we find out that this “Lady” actually has a secret thingy, right there between ‘her’ legs.

    When I first saw the following picture, I got a case of dry heaves. To think that this person is out recruiting children to such a perverse lifestyle is gagathoty. You now know what sin is clad beneath the veil of Gaga’s pantydrawers that are hardly there and I ask you to continue to pray that Gaga loses record sales so the threat is removed from children worldwide. Warning: The following image contains a Hollywood celebrity in efforts to spread the homogay agenda to ensure record sales. Please immediately pray and ask any women/children to leave the room before review.

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