• Lady Gaga Tries to Fornicate A Priest

    May 6, 2010 9:52 pm 14 comments
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  • Lady Gaga is a secret man who masquerades as a woman, so as to, make our children believe that there is no difference between man and woman, adult or child. This is all part of the ongoing gay agenda Against America and Democracy.

    Today I was sent picture evidence that shows how this “Lady” Gaga has been a long time agent of the homogay agenda, and has even had that temerity to take pictures with our priests.

    To think such unholiness was in the presence of a man of the cloth is truly sickening. When will we be able to require everyone to fill out cards yearly, putting on there basic things like their age, sex, race and beliefs, so we can see if they are diseased and need to be put into proper care should the time arise. Such a database would do wonders for our moral nation.

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