• Laura Bush is A Veiled Lesbian, Supports Gays and Abortions

    May 12, 2010 5:24 pm 37 comments
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    They say there is an article in every journalists career that he hates to write, and today my friends, I write mine. Let’s just get it over with. Laura Bush is a closet lesbian and abortion supporter.

    There is the headline. Today as I sneak watched Fox News, I had sadness cast in my heart due to the words of who I thought was a moral woman. Laura Bush supports gay lesbians and therefore the homosexual agenda.

    I would think the mother of two beautiful Christian daughters would not support a people who think it is okay to roger children in their backsides. I would think that the wife of arguably the greatest Christian leader and American president of all time, President George W. Bush, would not support such a sick agenda against our God and against our country.

    How could such a beautiful woman of God decide to change sides and support the murder of the innocent?

    I found it patently suspicious when First Lady Bush took a limo ride with Barack’s wife, Michelle. What was said or done in that limo ride?

    For a First Lady of Morality to fall so far, I am willing to bet Mrs. Obama used recruitment techniques common to the Nation of Islam, the version of Islam many blacks fall into once they go to prison.

    Is Mrs. Bush a victim of Islamic brainwashing, the very thing that’s responsible for the increase in homgrown terrorism in America? Only further investigation will determine that, but here is the video in the meantime.

    First Lady Laura Bush has somehow been influenced to support lesbians and abortions. This is a sad day for America and let us remember to pray for our First Lady in her time of need.

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