• Liberals Smearing Sarah Palin with Naked Nude Stripper Pictures! (photo evidence)

    May 15, 2010 4:00 pm 29 comments
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  • The liberal media has no integrity. They will try to use all sorts of guile and tools of deception to fool you into their point of view! They are the agents of Satan and cause nothing but problem in America.

    As we saw during the last election, the liberals will go to any low to get what they want. They accused our fair and noble Christian Senator John McCain of being too old and painted him in a bad light. They tried to make Sarah Palin look dumb with their little SNL skits and trick questions on MSNBC. They used, bad camera lighting to make John McCain look less flattering!

    All these smoke and mirrors helped Obama gain voters.

    Now we see that Sarah Palin is once again eyeing the White House in 2012, the liberals are scared so they are attacking Sarah’s character! They are trying to make Palin look like a whore devil when in reality she is a chosen women of God!

    In these following pictures, the liberal media has somehow, crafted conspiracy by editing pictures of Sarah Palin and making her look like an naked stripper whore!

    The following images are fake! Fake! They are not a real people but instead just a computer master using his skill to make it look like Sarah Palin has no clothes in various poses after she gave a speech! It is not really Sarah Palin so when you see these DO NOT BE FOOLED IT’S A VEILED LIE! Warning: The following images contain anti-GOP propaganda hatched by the liberal media and are for archival purpose. Please first pray and then order your wife/children leave the room before review.

    Evidence 1

    Evidence 2

    Evidence 3

    Evidence 4

    Evidence 5

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