• Lindsay Lohan Caught Doing Crack In Cannes, Avoids DUI Court Date?

    May 23, 2010 6:30 pm Comments Off on Lindsay Lohan Caught Doing Crack In Cannes, Avoids DUI Court Date?
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    Lindsay Lohan is in the news once again.  This once great childhood actress has fallen far into a very sad lifestyle, with rampant drug use and erratic behavior marring her once promising career.

    Several weeks ago, Linday Lohan was found to be guilty of drunk driving, more than once.  She was to have a court date and possible jail time for this issue, but skipped out of the country last week, to go to France.
    Upon missing her court date, Lindsay Lohan claimed that her passport was stolen and she contacted the US embassy to get a new one.  Sadly, that was not quite the case.

    There is, however, evidence that while in France, Linday was doing something else.  This something is called allegedly sniffing crack cocaine with some friends.  Here is the picture proof, and you can see where I have labeled the suspicious area with white arrows. Lindsay is trying to claim she was set up, yet looking at the evidence and using my gut instincts honed as being a jury duty, I would have to vote her guilty based on this hard evidence.

    It is getting old and tiring to see celebrities thumb their nose at the law and get away with crimes. Drunk driving is a major offense that costs far too many lives each and every year. Lindsay needs to be held accountable for drunk driving, yet, she is in France and literally thumbing her nose at our court systems.

    Hopefully, within the next week Lindsay will be extradited and brought to justice here in America.

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