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    May 24, 2010 8:33 am 33 comments
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    Lost is a six-season American television series, where after a plane-crash the victims apparently crashed on a mysterious island where several were able to create some form of purgatory for themselves.

    I watched about ten minutes of the first episode, glanced at one a few years ago and saw a good part of the finale, and really, what a waste. The finale was very disappointing and not realistic in any sense, for a show that is supposed to be a ‘real’ lifetime drama.

    First, it is impossible for dead people and their souls to ‘create’ their own purgatory, yet in the finale, they are trying to claim that a ‘side real’ was just that: a purgatory for everyone to meet up, have marital affairs and even a terrorist gets to show up, as if he wouldn’t be cast straight into hell.

    Like what I picked up on in the first episode, and have heard from others, this finale was just as disjointed and confusing as any other episodes. The show’s original mastermind, JJ Abrahms, even admitted that this show never even had an ending in mind.

    Well, whatever the new writers and producers came up with was patently contrived.

    The show opens up with confusing scenes that are supposed to be between the years 2004 and 2007, with 2004 being the place where we’re to believe humans were able to create a “sideways timeline” purgatory. The suspension of disbelief is just too great for that and so from the get-go, this episode was just too unbelievable and took you right out of the plot.

    All you can think was, “That’s fake and he’s not really a character, but just an actor and that is a set”, instead of capturing you into a vivid reality with engaging characters and believable plot for the scope of the show..

    In the 2007 timeline, a man named Richard and another named Niles rescue someone from a submarine. There was a man on there called “The Man in Black” (which they plagiarized from American folk-singer Johnny Cash), a villain who was supposed to be an avatar for Satan.

    This rag-tag group teams with the character Desmond, and from there, they all travel to the center of the island. Here, they are able to disable the light (remember, Satan or “Lucifer” has parallels with unnatural light) and thus, remove the power and immortality of The Man in Black.

    Once this is done, the character Jack and a female named Kate confront the Man in Black, and then kill him. So apparently now, in purgatory, people can just waltz around and kill the greatest enemy, Satan. Cute, but again, this is not even close to believable.

    Jack dies. Surprise. The fat guy becomes new protector of the island. Surprise.

    In the 2004 scenes, everyone is gathering in a weird church. They are all having a reunion and I kept flipping through these parts, as they were boring and disjointed. In the end there was a bright light and supposedly everyone went to heaven.

    What a rip-off to the fans of this show, to have it turn out to be some weird fantasy. Lost would have been better off ending like Dallas, where it all turned out to be a dream from J.R. Ewwing.

    What a waste and I could only wish I had more thumbs, so I could give this joke show as many thumbs down as possible. If you missed it, count yourself lucky for not being insulted.

    In the closing credits, we see Oceanic Flight 815 resting quietly on a beach, like it is some big, artsy ending. What a joke and if this were theater, I’d demand my money back

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