• McDonald’s Announces New Gay Ogre Ejaculate McFlurry Flavor

    May 29, 2010 6:55 pm 34 comments
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  • We all know that the gays love finding new ways to exploit children. Recent studies show that for every one gay, four children will end up falling victim to a backside attack.

    So it is no surprise that gays pay close attention to what’s popular to children within pop culture. With scorching summer just around the corner and children nationwide suffering from boredom, the gays know a cold treat with a child’s favorite cartoon on it will be tantalizing bait!

    Everyone knows that kids love ice cream, and there is a new movie about a demon ogre called “Shrek” being released this summer. Put them together and the gays think they have child bait! They are trying to bait our children with gay ogre iced creams!

    The gays seem to fall in love with an ice cream agenda every summer. Last year, we busted them and caught them red handed as they used Big Gay Ice Cream trucks to trick kids. Only months later, we caught them again trying to trick everyone with semen flavored ice cream on school menus!

    The sickest thing about this new agenda is that McDonald’s is helping this rumper doblins spread it to children! Was it already not bad enough that McDonald’s tries to make blacks not look dangerous? Now we see this mongrels have stooped to all new lows to get our kids to taste this gay flavored ice cream! Warning: The following media image contains explicit photos of gay ice cream agenda. Immediately order all women/children from the room before reviewing this dangerous marketing.

    I wish it were still legal, because I’d ride around on a horse and round up every one of these twiddle romping muck plumbers and turn them over to a pack of rabid dogs! That’s the fate that should fall to anyone who exploits our children.

    Gays and McDonald’s are now teaming up to promote this ice cream and I encourage everyone to boycott it! Now! No gay ice cream. Shame on McDonald’s and even a great American company, God will tear DOWN if they try to team up with the homogay agenda. Be careful Ronald, or the King of all will knock you down straight to hell with every other sinner!

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